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Why choose 4 Seasons Coffee?

Ahhh…There’s nothing quite like the rich aroma of a finely brewed cup of coffee.

You can enjoy it with a favorite breakfast item, use it as a “pick me up”, and delight in its depth of flavor as it is paired with foods both sweet and savory. In fact, the right blend of coffee can add the finishing touch to any meal or special occasion.

That’s why at 4 Seasons Coffee Company we have spent over 50 years providing you with the most perfect coffee blends available.

Whether you are looking for a coffee service for your business, ordering for your own home or looking for fundraiser options, 4 Seasons Coffee can help you.

We offer a wide selection of coffees, gourmet flavors, creamers, Torani syrups, specialty teas and cappuccino. Need equipment and serving supplies? No problem! 4 Seasons Coffee has everything to get you started and keep you going.

Our helpful coffee representatives are waiting to talk to you! Contact 4 Seasons Coffee Company today and delight in the decadence of gourmet coffee!

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About Us

Fresh. Fragrant. Full-bodied. Flavorful. These are just a few of the words our satisfied customers have used to describe the coffee provided by 4 Seasons Coffee Company.

When you buy 4 Seasons Coffee you are getting much more than a hot beverage. You are getting the flavors of the world. As you enjoy our French roast coffee blends, you may feel like you are sitting in an elegant Parisian cafe dining on an exquisite dessert; when you taste a Brazilian blend you can almost smell the scents of South America; or savoring a single origin coffee like the Ethiopian Harrar and be reminded of the jungles of central Africa.

At 4 Seasons Coffee Company we bring you and your customers a full-bodied taste and decadent aroma with every drink. We just know that you will be so satisfied with our coffees that you will be back for more.

Why Choose 4 Seasons Coffee Company?

At 4 Seasons Coffee we recognize that you have many choices to make when it comes to selecting what types of coffee blends to serve your patrons, as well as many other companies that you can buy coffee from. So, allow us to tell you a bit about ourselves

  • 4 Seasons Coffee Company has been providing fresh roasted coffee for businesses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota since 1966.
  • We are a full service coffee company. At the time of each delivery your equipment will be cleaned, maintained, product inventoried and delivered.
  • Equipment will be provided free of charge when you purchase your coffee from 4 Seasons Coffee Co.
  • When you choose 4 Seasons Coffee to be your hot beverage provider, we will work with you to provide the appropriate brewing equipment that will be best for your coffee needs.
  • All of our coffee beans are slow roasted to bring out the best flavor, then hand packed immediately after roasting to guarantee the freshest flavor.

When it comes to great coffee, one of the secrets to a consistently great cup is the knowledge of the Roastmaster. At 4 Seasons Coffee Company our Roastmaster has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of the coffee business. He searches for and selects only the best coffee beans so that the final product is full bodied and fresh. Consequently, whether you choose a single origin coffee such as the Nicaraguan Matagalpa with its chocolate and spice overtones, a flavored coffee that reminds you of your favorite candy bar or dessert, or a Fair Trade coffee like the Ethiopian Yergacheffe you are guaranteed a superb cup of coffee made possible through the efforts of a well-travelled coffee connoisseur.

Our value is defined as being a great combination of quality, price and exceptional service. We promise only the finest, most flavorful brew, sure to delight even the toughest coffee critic. Contact us today, to order the coffee blends just right for your needs.


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A fundraiser that makes sense for your group and the customer. Specialty coffee has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Create a label and our top quality packaging will compliment the quality of the coffee.
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